American History: New Jersey's Oldest & Most Historic Restaurant

2023-04-12 10:35:38 By : Ms. Anna An

This article mixes two favorite topics, food, and history. This restaurant in New Jersey is one of the oldest and most historic in America and you can have dinner at this piece of American history. This New Jersey eatery dates all the way back to before the American Revolution.

In a recent article by Lovefood, "New restaurants, trends and flash-in-the-pan food fads are all well and good, but when a restaurant has been around for a hundred years or so it suggests something special." I agree that dining at a historic restaurant makes a meal, for me, that much more enjoyable. Just know that so many have passed through its doors, which makes it a trip through time while you dine. Camping Outdoor Light Solar

American History: New Jersey

This particular restaurant dates back to 1742 making it nearly 300 years old (281). The oldest restaurant, still operating, in America is the White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island which dates back to 1673 making it about 69 years older than our oldest here in the Garden State.

According to Lovefood, New Jersey's oldest and most historic restaurant is the Black Horse Tavern and Pub. "Another old American stagecoach stop, The Black Horse in Mendham was established in 1742, in a building that was the farmhouse of Ebenezer Byram. The renovated former inn is now home to two restaurants: the larger The Black Horse Tavern, which serves upscale American classics, as well as a casual pub known for its comfort food favorites and live music."

American History: New Jersey

Led Headlamp I have not visited the Black Horse Tavern and Pub in Mendham, but it is on my list definitely to visit at some point. Have you dined at this historic restaurant? Give us your review and post your comments below.